Sarah Beeny launches her debut podcast series ‘Round the Houses’


Sarah Beeny, one of the UK’s leading property experts, has launched her first podcast series ‘Round the Houses’. In this series, Sarah is invited into the homes of high profile guests and given unprecedented access to the insides of their homes, and their lives.


In episode 1, Sarah visits notorious comedian Julian Clary’s home, where she unearths the shocking behaviour of Noel Coward’s lively cigar smoking ghost!


It’s been such a luxury getting inside the homes of people I admire in the public eye and getting a glimpse of the real person behind the persona we all think we know. I was blown away by how honest and open people have been!”


Other series 1 guests include Joe Sugg, Jo Wood, Pearl Lowe, Lynne Bowles, June Sarpong and Tim Lovejoy.


Round the Houses debuts on Monday 1st October on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and all major podcasts apps.