Ebony Rainford-BrentMBE

Cricketer & Broadcaster

Ebony Rainford-Brent MBE is a World Cup Winning Cricketer, Broadcaster, Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach

Ebony is a former English cricketer and was a member of the England Team that won the 9th ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in Sydney 2009.

She is also a Broadcaster for BBC and Sky Cricket.

In 2021 Ebony fronted Sky’s The Hundred coverage, presented the White Ball Series for BBC and was signed by Channel 4 for their India-England Test series coverage

Every Saturday she hosts BBC Radio London’s The Women’s Sport Show.

She is the Chair of the Ace Programme and the first female Director of Women’s Cricket for Surrey County Cricket Club.

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Ebony Rainford-Brent is a World Cup Winning Cricketer turned respected broadcaster and commentator.


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Since 2020 Ebony has worked with a wealth of broadcasters including Sky, BBC, Channel 4 and BT Sport.

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