Charlotte Hawkins


Charlotte is an experienced TV presenter who is currently the news anchor on ITVs breakfast show, Good Morning Britain

Charlotte is a news anchor on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Charlotte hosted a series called Young Classical Stars on Classic FM Friday’s at 9pm.

Charlotte is the UK host for Andre Rieu’s portfolio of work and concerts.

She partnered with Sony Classical in 2020 and exclusively released podcast ‘Last, Past & Blast’.

She also curated a three CD collection titled ‘Mindful Moments’ featuring classical music masterpieces.

Charlotte is an established fashion reporter for ITV Racing.

Charlotte is an animal lover and her ‘Tonight’ documentary on Dangerous Dogs aired in 2023.

Charlotte is a mum to Ella Rose and a patron of many charities including Motor Neurone Disease Association

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Charlotte Hawkins has been a GMB News Anchor for over 8 years.


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