We pride ourselves on the key relationships we hold with the UK’s leading networks and production companies.

Our focus is to partner strategically to place our clients on regular TV and Radio fixtures.

We recognise the need to ‘make things happen’ and therefore focus on developing talent led ideas to provide clients with ownership and creative input.

Representing some of the UK’s most talented and experienced broadcasters, we understand the need for creativity and credibility to ensure we are able to tailor long term successful careers.

  • Our talent front over 30 primetime broadcast slots

  • We have 5 BAFTA winning programmes with our talent

  • We account for over 400 hours of broadcasting per month

Alex Scott, The Tournament

WE work with every major broadcast network to produce award winning formats

Jay Blades 3

We pride ourselves on our transformational management of talent. With the broadcast industry rapidly evolving it is vital that we comprehensively understand the landscape in order to deliver. Each client has a unique career path which must be supported by outstanding programming. From IP owned formats to ad funded propositions, we understand the importance of creating opportunity. Our talent need to feel they are not only involved in a creative process but have real ownership and input in what they are part of.