June Sarpong Collaborates with The Outnet

June Sarpong partners with The Outnet as part of the ‘My Curated Life’ Series. June sits down with The Outnet and describes her style: ‘During the day, my style is relaxed. I’m trackie bottoms and jumpers. I’m all about Zoom chic.’ When it comes to putting on the glitz, however, it’s time for what June calls ‘Ghana glamour’: ‘I grew up around women who really loved to dress up and who enjoyed being women.’ That means color, print and a maximalist approach to accessories. ‘The more the better. I’m not one of those people who’s all, ‘oh, I just want small dainty little diamonds,’ God no! I love, love, love hoops. I like bangles, I like rings…’ See the full collaboration here.