Seen Through Glass


Sam is an automotive YouTuber who set up and runs the YouTube Channel SeenThroughGlass.

Sam set up SeenThroughGlass in 2014, combining his two biggest passions; cars & making videos. Originally inspired by ‘moto-vloggers’ who would ride around on their motorbikes, with a camera strapped to their helmets, Sam started uploading point-of-view vlogs whilst driving his car around central London.

As the audience and interest grew, Sam decided to turn the camera on himself and develop the video style and production level.

“create exciting and engaging content”

In the past two years that SeenThroughGlass has been active, Sam has travelled around the world filming cars, going on road trips, attending events and working with other YouTubers to create exciting and engaging content for his channel. He has worked with a number of respected brands including Michelin, Shell and Virgin Holidays.

SeenThroughGlass is an automotive lifestyle vlog. The focus is always on entertainment and bringing the viewer along on some of the incredible adventures and journeys Sam gets to take, whether that be popping to the shops in his Abarth 695 or driving across Spain in a Ford Ranger pickup truck.