Fitness Social Influencers

LDNM are fitness social influencers made up of two sets of brothers – the Exton Twins, (James and Tom) and the Bridger Brothers, (Max and Lloyd). All qualified personal trainers, they have transformed the lives of over 100,000 people through their world famous Transformation Guides which have been sold in over 150 countries to date. LDNM started as a blog in 2013, & was created to enable anyone and everyone to transform both how they look and feel, from a realistic and achievable premise. The boys understood the demands of real-life – balancing work, social life, family, relationships and so on – it was with this in mind that they meticulously and specifically created their transformation guides, which have had countless transformation success stories across the national press. Since the inception of the LDNM brand, they have launched their own supplement business, their own apparel, one of the fastest growing fitness education academies in the UK, a number one app, and a bestselling book.

James Exton, 29 – studied Law at University and completed post grad BVC at Nottingham Law School. Current occupation, MD at LDNM, oversight across all business areas.

Tom Exton, 29 – studied Law at University and completed post grad LPC at Bristol Law School. Current occupation in investment banking, with press, social media and marketing responsibilities at LDNM.

Lloyd Bridger, 27 – studied Chemistry at University, then went on to gain entry to the Royal Marines as an Officer. Since has taken up a full time director position at LDNM, involved in online creative side and production creation.

Max Bridger, 25 – studied Geography at University, following part time role as a PT, is now full time at LDNM, largely involved in social and blog content creation, press training opps, and LDNM Academy.