SeenThroughGlass is going on a yearlong round-the-world trip

In January 2019, Sam from SeenThroughGlass will embark on a yearlong round-the-world trip. #DriveTheWorld will be the third instalment of his travel based series which has included the hugely popular #VlogAngeles and #Vlogari.

Since Sam set up Seen Through Glass in 2014, Sam has been lucky enough to travel all over the world making videos. One thing that continues to surprise him, is that no matter how far he travels, he always finds people who are passionate about cars.

Sam will visit 35 countries in 12 months and his aim is to meet as many of these people as possible, share their stories, celebrate their automotive culture and try to encourage others to get out there and #DriveTheWorld.

Sam will take his audience with him on an epic adventure and produce a multitude of content from YouTube videos to podcasts, photography, blog posts, live broadcasts and a short documentary series.

For more information, visit his website: and take a look at his announcement video: