Sarah Beeny presents Channel 4's Best Place to Live

In this one off documentary exclusively for Channel 4, Sarah will reveal where the Best Place is to Live in the UK.

With the help of regional statistic expert Dr Alasdair Rae, Sarah has pulled together a detailed and often surprising picture of the best places to live in the UK. Sarah will be travelling extensively across the UK and helping a number of prospective first time buyers who are keen to be home owners and are looking for a location that offers affordable prices, exciting opportunities and a great lifestyle, but who are frustrated where they live.

Best Place to Live will surprise audiences and show that despite the unsettled times in which we are living, there are real opportunities in the UK to find a better life, and instead of feeling trapped – re-locating could help people build a new life and a bright new future.

The show will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday 21st February at 8pm.