Conn Bertish

Multi-award-winning Creative Director

Conn Bertish is a Multi-award-winning Creative Director, Cancer Survivor and Entrepreneur

Conn Bertish is a multi-award-winning international Creative Director, cancer survivor and founder of the innovative, global social enterprise Cancer Dojo.

Conn’s unique journey with a rare form of adult brain cancer coupled with his innovative approach to tackling the disease, surprised both his doctors and professors of Oncology who in turn urged him to share with others facing the disease. In 2015 Conn resigned from his job as Chief Creative Officer of Africa’s then-largest digital agency, to launch Cancer Dojo; a 100% complimentary mobile support tool that aims to shift patient’s mindsets from helpless, to actively engaged in their own healing, together with their medicine, to help empower them with a more positive cancer outcome. The platform uses a combination of creativity, technology, and mindful thinking and was ranked in the Top 10 in the 2018 ‘Global Impact for Start-ups’ list.

Conn’s creative, irreverent approach to challenges enabled him to not only beat his own cancer but tackle massive waves as a Red Bull ‘big wave’ surfer, ride steep mountain passes as a downhill extreme skateboarder, win South Africa’s first ‘Fear Factor’ and provoke the general public as a conceptual artist and environmental activist.
An ex JWT Global Creative Council member and Cape Town Design Network Steering Committee partner, Conn has represented South Africa as a speaker, judge and winner at Cannes Lions Festival and has won other top accolades at a majority of advertising and design award shows around the world.

Conn is considered one of South Africa’s most respected creative thinkers and his passion for work with a ‘purpose’ has led to his current role as Creative Director for the World Design Capital (WDC) in Cape Town.

His most recent shift is the launch of The Harder To Kill Group, where he helps humans and brands become harder to kill.


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Conn Bertish is a multi-award-winning Creative Director, Cancer Survivor & Entrepreneur.

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