Martin Bayfield Partners with Santander on Career Crisis Campaign

Martin Bayfield is supporting those facing employment challenges presented by the pandemic, Santander is hosting a virtual Careers Fair on 10 March 2021 with over 1000 jobs available across a range of industries.

“Change can be sudden, unexpected and disorientating. When a serious neck injury forced me into an early and unplanned for retirement from professional rugby, I felt lost, scared and cut off from what had been my support network; my rugby “family”.

I had previously retired from the police after 10 years’ service to pursue a professional career; now I had neither. I started coaching but hated every minute of it. Every day was a reminder of what I wanted and could no longer have. I saw my friends training for the next game and I couldn’t be in that world any more. It was agony. I feared for my family, how could I support them the way I had hoped for?

I needed to change, circumstances needed to change. Change came from a most unexpected direction, but I had opened myself up to look for anything, no matter how off the wall. When the opportunity came to work on the Harry Potter films I was mentally ready to accept the challenge regardless of the inherent risks. It seems an obvious decision now, but 21 years ago it was a huge risk. It worked though. It put a smile back on my face and allowed me time to grieve for my old life and build a new one.”