Laura Whitmore launches activewear collection with Dare2B

Laura Whitmore has teamed up with Dare2B to launch her first activewear collection – “When it comes to activewear it’s something that is definitely a big part of my lifestyle. Whether I’m doing fitness or not, wearing clothes that are comfortable, that feel good, and that work with my routine is so important.

It was about a year ago that we first had this conversation about doing an edit. I was very lucky and I got to see some of the ideas and samples of what they were working on and designing. As someone who used to wear a lot of black when they were working out, I wanted to try and add a little pop of colour. Turquoise is my favourite and it’s a really positive colour, actually the turquoise stone is often associated with protection. I thought it was really beautiful but also really practical. And let’s be honest, especially over the last year, we want practicality with our clothes.”