Jodie Kidd to release her first book Balance Your Life in January 2019

We’re excited to announce that in January 2019, Jodie will release her first book Balance Your Life with fitness coach Amélie Khellaf-Govett. Balance Your Life is a six-week self-care programme for busy women for a calmer, healthier, lighter you.

In the book, Jodie follows the six-week plan and brings readers along with her for the journey. Jodie shares her insight and experience as Amélie shows her how to fit the plan around the reality of her busy life as a mother, gastropub owner, and frequent traveller, and shows you how you can do the same. The book also includes a selection of Jodie’s favourite recipes, adjusted by Amélie to deliver the programme’s promises.


Jodie says: I always knew that “healthy body, healthy mind” was a thing – now I can feel it happening. I sleep better, my mind is clearer, I’m more active and decisive – it’s a really enjoyable programme.