Jason Fox Fronts Documentary on Channel 4

Hot off the heels of last year’s nail biting series, Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos, former
elite Special Forces soldier, Jason Fox will go back to Afghanistan nearly a decade after he last set
foot in the country.

Produced by Plum Pictures, Return To Afghanistan With Jason Fox (W/T) will see Jason ‐ star of hit
Channel 4 series SAS: Who Dares Wins ‐ embark on a very personal journey, returning to the land
where he endured harrowing combat experiences during multiple tours of Afghanistan.
Jason will seek to understand this complex country and the people he was sent to help, meeting old
friends and former enemies, and asking whether the sacrifices are worth the traumatic legacy he,
the Afghan people, and many of his fellow soldiers have been left to endure.
He’ll go back to the place that left him with a punishing personal legacy: PTSD. Something that
caused Jason to be discharged from the Special Forces and made to leave behind the life and job he

Jason Fox said: “Afghanistan defined me as a soldier and made me the man I am today. We spent
many years there fighting in a war that saw some of the fiercest battles in modern British Military
History. I saw friends get killed and seriously injured and it had a massive impact on not just me, but
so many other people. I felt it was important to go back and put some of those demons to rest.”
Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Jonah Weston said: “As civilians we want our soldiers to never get
hurt or feel pain. Unfortunately war is a little more complex than that, and as Jason revisits his past,
I hope it will give us all a better understanding of combat and its true complexities.”

Executive Producer for Plum Pictures Stuart Cabb said: “This was a seriously dangerous endeavour
for Jason to undertake, he is now an unarmed civilian flying into a country that is more dangerous
and unstable than it was when he was there serving in the special forces. The film gives a unique
insight into war fighting and the impact it has on those who do our bidding for us.”