Jamal Edwards MBE, founder of SBTV, has teamed up with Mercedes‐Benz Van UK Ltd in the first of a new kind partnership as an X‐Class ambassador.

Jamal is taking things to the next stage as he now provides unfiltered access into to his daily life through a bespoke vlog channel. Jamal is keen to inspire other creatives and entrepreneurs through his vlog, which is hosted on YouTube, and designed to explore the challenges and dreams of a true entrepreneur of the digital native era. It will be via this vlog that Jamal features the new X‐Class, via a series of programmes specially focused on the vehicle and how it can support his work.


Jamal said of the partnership: “I am very proud that my vlog will be promoting two main messages: self‐belief and the fact that there is always more. I believe that anything is possible through technology and that you can not only change your personal circumstance, but also communities and inevitably the world, As part of this, I’m always keen to establish a connection between this new digital world and more traditional ways of doing things. Even though there are shortcut routes to success now, it is still important to respect traditions within different sectors. “This is why I am working with the team at Mercedes‐Benz Vans to help bring these messages to life in an authentic way. I’m so excited to finally get my licence so I can get behind the wheel of the X‐Class and genuinely use it to support my plans and help me to reach a wider audience and new talent.”


Check it out  – https://www.youtube.com/user/JamalEdwardsVLOG/videos