Dean McCullough to host his own BBC Radio 1 show

Dean McCullough will permanently join Radio 1 to host a brand-new weekend show (Friday – Sunday, 10:30am – 1pm). Dean was given his first opportunity to host on Radio 1 over the 2020 festive period as part of Radio 1’s Christmas Takeover where 33 new DJs and presenters were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to broadcast on the UK’s biggest youth radio station, and has since hosted Friday Early Breakfast on the station. Dean’s first show will be on Friday, 10 September. Dean’s new show will be broadcast from Salford and is the first Radio 1 programme to move out of London as part of the BBC’s Across the UK plans, announced by the Director-General earlier this year.

Dean McCullough says: “When I applied for the Christmas cover gig in December I didn’t think for one second that I’d get it never mind landing my own show 6 months later, I’m absolutely buzzing. So let me get this straight, we get to hang out every weekend, cause absolute CHAOS and party to all the biggest Radio 1 anthems? That’s iconic!

“This one’s for my people in Manchester and my wee country of Northern Ireland, we did it!”