Broadcast & Commercial


We pride ourselves on the key relationships we hold with the UK’s leading networks and production companies. Our focus is to partner strategically to place our clients on regular TV and Radio fixtures. We recognise the need to ‘make things happen’ and therefore focus on developing talent led ideas to provide clients with ownership and creative input. Representing some of the UK’s most talented and experienced broadcasters, we understand the need for creativity and credibility to ensure we are able to tailor long term successful careers.


We proactively identify and source relevant brands to partner our talent with. With many of our team being from solid marketing and communication backgrounds, we maintain relationships with key advertising and PR agencies in the UK as well as brands directly. Being part of the largest independent advertising network in the world, we are also able to work with some of the many different communication disciplines that the 25 agencies can offer globally. For our talent, partnering authentically is critical and therefore we look to develop concepts organically. We believe commercial activity should always complement our clients’ careers.